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Various Types of Beaches Present in Samana

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Now you all might be thinking why people are looking for Property for Sale in Samana. There are many reasons for having a property in this place. Moreover, there are so many amazing things which one can experience in this place. For most of the people beaches are the center of attraction.

Let’s Have a Look at the Different Beaches Present in Samana Region:

  • Playa Rincon

This beach is considered as the most beautiful beach in the entire Dominican Republic. But if you visit this place then you may not find many people at this placeas it is not so much developed. Plus it is located in a remote area and the road leading to this beach is a bit challenging.

It is almost 2 hours’ drive from Las Terrenas as it has some wrong turns and you may also find some cattle’s crossing the street. A very famous river connects here and offers a freshwater lagoon.

  • Las Galeras Beach

This beach is located at the end of the road of the peninsula Samanaand it is considered as a sleepy beach. And it is also known as Playa Grande and it is usually the starting point for most of the excursions to all the remote beaches like Playa Fronton and Playa Rincon.

Moreover, here you can experience many Aquatic sports activities like diving and snorkelling. You will also find that this beach is surrounded by many restaurants and hotels where you can relax and have fun.

  • Playa Fronton

Playa Fronton is the most amazing beach in Las Galeras. There are 2 ways of reaching this place. You can either reach it by a boat from Las Galeras or trek for 2 hours from the jungle. Moreover, this beach is considered perfect for discovering fish and coral reefs.

Most of the people who live inSamanavisit this place before 3 pm as after that the sun does not hit the beach anymore. This is because of the big mountain that is present behind it.

  • Playa Cayacoa

This is a local beach which is present in downtown Samana. If you want to visit this beach then it will take only 5-10 minutes’ walk from the Samana town. And this small beach is shared with a very famous hotel and this is open for everyone.

In this small golden sand beach, you can also experience swimming and snorkelling in most times of the year except rainy season. During this season there are chances of slipping due to the presence of excessive water.

  • Playa Dorado

It is a very famous resort and a beach in the northern part of the Dominican Republic near Costa Dorado and Puerto Plata. Moreover, it is considered as one of the best resorts in the Samana region providing with all 5-star facilities including a golf course and many more features.

This place is mostly liked by most of the kids as they can enjoy many activities. And this beach contains many coconut trees and has many different species present on the beach. So, don’t forget to pay a visit to this beach.

  • Playa Coson

In this region, you can find many properties and most of the people visit this place before going to Las Terrenas. It has a very beautiful view of palm trees and there is a clear blue sea present next to it. Mostly this place is visited by several tourists and some private residences also.

If you are an adventurous person then you can enjoy surfing on this beach when the waves are up. And you can even go for long walk at this beach for relaxing and enjoying and it is a great place if you want to enjoy surfing here.

  • Playa Bonita

Playa Bonita is among the top 10 beaches in the world. The main speciality about this place is its name which means simplicity. You will find many good things at this place including palm trees, freshwater, and fine sand. And in this place you will not find any cars and vendors roaming around, affecting the peace of this place.

Here Diving is considered as the king sport. But you can also enjoy aquatic sports like surfing and snorkelling. And if you want to relax than having a property at this place is the best option.

  • Cayo Levantado Beach

This beach is also known as Barcardi Island located in 7 Kilometers from Samana Town. Every Morning boat leaves at 9:00 AM from the main dock of the port of Samana. And you can’t afford to miss visiting this beach if you are on vacations. On the other hand, if you are residing near this place then you can visit this place anytime.

Our professionals will consider all your requirements and make you available with a suitable real estate in Samana.

  • El Valle beach

Going to this place islittle difficult as the road to get there is quite tough and full of potholes. Moreover, you will find a small river that needs to be crossed. Sometimes crossing this river becomes hard due to the rise in the water level.

Most of the people who are residing in this place feel that they are present at the end of the world. The undercurrents of this beach is quite strong so it is always advisable to take all the precaution measures.

  • Playa Madama

Playa Madama is a very isolated beach present in Cabo Samana. And most of the people who have their properties there, hire a boat from Las Galeras to explore both beaches Fronton and Madama. And this place is only famous due to its isolation from civilization.

After visiting this place, you will find steep slopes, rocks and vegetation. And you will think that you are in a dense forest. And the most interesting thing present in this area is a cave which is hidden behind the rocks.

No one wants to miss the opportunity of owning a house or land near these beaches. If you also don’t want to miss this amazing opportunity then get in contact with 360RealEstateDR. We will help you in finding an appropriate House for Sale in Samana and Las Terrenas.

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