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There are several reasons for buying a house in Las Terrenas near Salto Limon is the considered one of the many reasons for buying a real estate near this area.

Salto Limon

Salto Limon waterfall is also known as “EI Salto del Limon” and it is located near Las Terrenas. This waterfall is approximately 130 feet high and its water flows into other small natural reservoirs. There are 2 ways of reaching this waterfall.

You can either ride on a horse with a local guide or trek. The trekking will take hardly 30 minutes. And while tracking you can experience the beauty of nature. Most of the travelers visit this place to experience a beautiful waterfall surrounded by palm trees and shades of green.

Top Activities That You Can Experience in Salto Limon:

1. Hiking

Generally, hiking is not very much popular among the local Dominican people. As they don’t have the culture of backpacking or camping. But tourists visit this place for hiking and trekking. On your way, you will find many tiny plants and birds, magnificent view of the river, oceans and bay. If you are a nature lover then you should definitely visit this peaceful waterfall.

2. Horse Riding

Most of the people enjoy riding on a horse on these steep mountain slopes. If you are thinking that riding on these slopes can prove to be dangerous then you are extremely wrong. As there are well-trained experts who will always be there with you when you are doing horse riding. Imagine having a house at such a wonderful place.

3. Enjoying the Nightlife

The people who travel such a long distance to reach this waterfall usually prefer to stay here at night. So, the local people who live near this area organize several activities for the entertainment of the tourist. Now you don’t have to worry if you are visiting this beautiful place at night. There will be a lot of things that you can enjoy here at night also.

4. Zip Line adventure

Zip lining is a very famous activity in Salto Limon. And there are total 12 runs on this zip line through the jungle. The best thing about this zip lining is that you are a thrilling person then you will be provided with the fast zip line. On the other hand, if you are afraid of these zip linings then you can enjoy slow zip lining.

After knowing so many good things about this place what are you waiting for? Be the first one to contact 360RealEstateDR. We will find a beautiful house for you in Las Terrenas and Samana region. Moreover, if you want to experience amazing waterfalls then you should Visit Cayo Levantado. Here you can experience several activities.

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