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Various Types of National Parks in Samana, Dominican Republic

There is a wide range of national parks available in Samana. And this is the main reason why tourists are attracted to this wondering place. But imagine having a wonderful house or land in Samana region. And for most of the people, it is a dream for having a Real Estate in Samana region in Dominican Republic. This place offers a wide range of good places and several fun activities.

Let’s Have a Look at the Different National Parks Present in Samana

1. Los Haitises National Park

This national park is among the most unique and scenic places present in Samana. The most exciting feature about this place is that you can swim in caves and experience ancient Taino cave art. And this park is around 1,600 km and was established in 1976.

In this park, you can find different habitats and a large variety of mammals and birds including some rare species of the island. Plus Los Haitises National Parkhas become a popular tourist spot but only limited number of people are allowed to visit this place.

2. Parada La Manzana

Parada La Manzana is situated at the foot of the falls in the Samana region. And it is an open area which is surrounded by tropical vegetation where you can also experience traditional Dominican cuisine. Moreover, this place is open for visitors for 7days in a week.

If you want to get in contact with nature then you should visit this place. Here you can also do many interesting activities like horse riding, shopping and other recreational activities for kids. So, having a Real estate in Samana can offer you several benefits.

3. Playa Cayacoa

This beach doesn’t have a very large area as compared to other beaches. Generally, people who are residing near this area comes for a long beach walks every day. And visitors pay a visit at this place for soaking the sun, enjoying the water and experiencing nature.

This beach is said to be located on the grounds of the Grand Bahia Principe Cayacoa. And if you are thinking that visiting here is expensive then you are completely wrong. As this place is very inexpensive and you can enjoy many survive at very affordable process.

4. Boca Del Diablo

Boca Del Diablo is also known as a hidden jewel in the Samana Dominican Republic. It has a very small opening on the top of small rock and 30 meters lower you can find a sea rushing into the cliff. Local people usually visit this place for meditation as in this place is very calm and peaceful.

Some people find it difficult to reach here as this park has a very bumpy road. And you have to pass through a lot of jungles but if you are an adventurous person then you can enjoy the stunning views on your way. Plus there are various activities for your kids too.

5. Playa De Las Canas

Playa de Las Canas is among the most visited national park in the Dominican Republic. And this park is situated in the eastern part of the Samana region. In this region usually, Tropical monsoon climate prevails and here August is the hottest month.

Moreover, this beach is among the virgin beaches of the Samana Peninsula. And mostly local people visit this park to experience soft and gold-coloured sand of a beach located in this place. In this place, you can’t take your vehicle along with you.

6. Cano Frio

This stream is situated at the edge of Playa Rincon in the Dominican Republic. And if you want to relax then you can enjoy a very peaceful stream. And most of the travellers and people living in this area visit this place to escape from extreme heat.

Some people also take a dip in this water to experience the cold and crystal clear water. Moreover, here, you can also find fresh fishes and lobster. And by moving farther from the ocean to the river, you will also find a denser forest.

7. Playa Ermitano

Playa Ermitano is situated between Punta Cayita Honda and Punta de Leche. This place has a length of 400 meters and is surrounded by reefs and sand. And the people residing in this place reach Playa Ermitanoon foot by crossing a dense forest through a trail path or with a boat.

If you are a thing to visit this place then travelling by boat is more convenient than any more means of transport. After visiting this place you will experience a perfect peaceful landscape with tropical vegetation and crystal clear water.

8. Salton El Limon

EI Limon waterfall is a very adventurous place but you have to travel 2.5 kilometres through a thick forest to get there. You can either go there for foot or on horseback through a lush green terrain while experiencing flora and fauna. Therefore, you can also go through EI Limon River.

In this place, you can witness the whole nature including native plants, birds and all types of animals. Once you reach the falls, you can experience EI Limon’s tumbling cascade from the top of Sierra de Samana and enjoy in fresh crystal-clear water.

9. CayoLevantado

Barcardi Island is another name for CayoLevantado which is located in Samana Province in the Dominican Republic. And it is a very well-known tourist destination. And this place is very fruitful for all the people who are doing business in this place.

This park also offers several facilities including food, drink and other relaxation services. And don’t forget to try local cuisine at food stalls and icy beer on a hot summer day. Moreover, CayoLevantado also offers street bands for providing background music.

10. Marina Puerto Bahia

Marina Puerto Bahia is a very beautiful place surrounded by the mountains, sea and a beautiful marina in the Dominican Republic. The people who are residing in this area experiences summer all year long. So, they consider themselves very blessed.

Everyone dreams of having a house in this place. As here each day begins with a new experience and exploring an incredible destination. Moreover, this place is very safe for family and kids. And this place will provide you with all types of facilities.

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