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Are you thinking to buy a land or property in Samana? But not familiar with the different places and activities of this region. We will guide you about all the activities that you can enjoy in Samana.

Let’s Have a Look at the Different Activities to Enjoy in Samana

1. Visiting Cayo Levantado in Samana

Most of the people specially visit this place to experience a tropical paradise island in Samana. You can also find your piece of paradise on Cayo Levantado and this is known as Bacardi Island. And you can sail there on a luxury yacht.
Imagine the benefits of having a property or land near this happening place? Most of the local people visit this place for relaxing on the beach and enjoying exotic cocktails and tropical drinks.

This island provides amazing walking and hiking opportunities into the hillsides where you can have spectacular views. If you are a water lover then you can very easily swim, snorkel and do scuba diving. And if you want to take some gifts for your loved one then you can easily find them in the local market.

2. Samana Bay

Most of you might be not aware that Samana bay is considered as the best spot in the world for observing the migration of the humpback whales. And tourists especially pay a visit to this place for experiencing various types of sea animals.

Generally, the large whales migrate from the cold Atlantic to the warmer water during the winter months. And most of them pass through the Bay. If you want to have a close look of these whales then you can take a whale-watching tour.

And if you feel like exploring this beautiful place then it can be explored by foot or on horseback. You will find a protected tropical forest covered with natural caves. If you feel like doing something thrilling then you can see the Bay from heights of a zip line.

3. Parque Nacional Los Haitises

After viewing the Parque Nacional Los Haitises from the heights of the zipline, the next thing which you need to explore is the other spectacular region. And this region includes wild and untouched protected landscape which lies along the coast and has all the tiny islands.

And if you are interested in exploring every part of this place then you can either take help from local people residing near this area or you can hire a guide. Moreover, your guide will show you different kinds of sea animals including reptiles, oysters and crabs.

On your way, you will also find prehistoric Indian Taino caves that are filled with cave drawings. And if you have kids with you then they will be very excited to know that this location was used for the shooting of pirates of the Caribbean.

4. Sightseeing in Samana

If you want to do sightseeing and visit new places in Samana then local tours and guides will be there to guide and provide you with knowledge about every area. And these travel agencies will always take care to collect and drop you off at your hotel.

There are several places which can be enjoyed in Samana which includes Rincon beach, EI Limon Waterfall and many amazing national parks. You can also enjoy a round trip of the Samana peninsula which includes various fun activities in it.

You might be thinking, how much lucky are those people who are residing near Samana after knowing about the several benefits of this place. And if you are thinking to take a real estate in Samana then you can get in contact with 360RealEstateDR.

5. Horseback riding on the beach

No one wants to miss the opportunity of riding on the back of a horse to experience lush green vegetation while crossing the path. Rancho Playa is known for providing next-level experience to all the riders. Moreover, here your kids will have a great time.

And you don’t have to worry about the safety of your child. As every child will have a personal guide at its side. Moreover, if you want to learn horse riding then there are special classes that are being organized in groups.

Generally, these classes last for one hour and are carried out in 20 to 30 meters in sand. So, now you need not have to worry about your safety. The local people usually attend these classes daily.

6. Whale watching

People residing in Samana have the advantage of enjoying in this beautiful peninsula. Here whale watching is considered as the centre of attraction for most of the people. Local tours are known for offering luxury yachts, catamarans and whale-watching vessels.

Here you can spend a lovely evening with your loved ones on a luxury yacht, sipping an exotic cocktail by watching the wonderful sunset over the Caribbean Sea. Moreover, here you can also enjoy a traditional lunch which is offered by the local people.

If you are particularly visiting this place for watching whales then you must pay a visit at this place from January 15 to March 31. Because this is only the time when you can see these whales. Plus you will find other aquatic animals too.

7. Water sports activities in Samana

The people of Samana considered themselves to be very lucky as there are many water activities found in this region. The crystal clear water is excellent for body surfing and boogie boarding. And do you know that Samana is considered as one of the top kite boarding and windsurfing place in the world?

The coral beds of Samana also offers scuba diving and snorkelling. And most of the people who are living near this area comes daily to experience these wonderful water activities.

So, are you thinking to buy a property or land in Samana? 360RealEstateDR will help in buying and selling properties in the Samana region. Whenever you feel like selling or buying then don’t forget to contact us!

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